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International Conferences
Co-operation can happen remotely, but at some point we all need to meet and talk face to face. Since the Environmental Innovators Program began in 2011 we have held an annual conference aimed at bringing together as diverse a group as possible to talk and argue the issues related to climate change and resilience building in Asia, Africa, and the world.

Many of the conversations were especially interesting. While the presentations are always informative the casual format of discussion offers opportunity for insight that is not always available when we rely on presentations alone. We have taken that opportunity to heart and placed transcripts of the discussions here (Visitors Voice). Presentations and speaker lists are also available for each of the conferences in the links to the left.


AIAC (L’Atelier International de L’Architecture Construite )
Keio University’s Environmental Design students and professors were invited to join a group of international universities competing each year for the AIAC prize. We hosted 8 universities in Tokyo this spring (2013) and joined the final workshop in the fall, in Paris. This is an annual competition supported by UNESCO, and is a fantastic opportunity for students to see what architecture education is like in other parts of the world, and to test themselves with projects that literally are defined by their international scope. We will continue to update our efforts with this venture but in the meantime do take a look at our workshop website.