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Environmental/Social Business

Business is opportunistic and covers any field we can imagine. Our students and professors currently are focusing on how to make use of the following themes.

Social Entrepreneurship
For Individuals and organizations profit is usually considered a private benefit. But for society profit has the meaning of a kind of public good. Our aim is to develop a sustainable framework that brings both of these points of view together. Our partners include individuals, local communities, organizations, and corporations as we take on social innovation projects and proposals.

Environmental Business
Making use of resources, including food, water and fuel, in a sustainable way is a challenge that we are only beginning to come to understand. Our task is to use technical systems and business design to find creative ways to combine environmental security with the continuing struggle to improve the quality of life for everyone on this planet.

Environmental Information (ICT)
We are currently working on research and development for new ICT systems that measure and analyze changes in the environment in realtime, and uses knowledge databases to aid decision making during a crisis or emergency.