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The Graduate School of Media and Governance is an independent graduate school that was founded on the SFC in 1994. The school offers Master’s and Doctoral programs that cover various fields of study, including information technology, social innovation, media design, architecture and planning, international cooperation, and policy formation with respect to these topics. It has more than 100 graduate school committees engaged in undergraduate and postgraduate education as well as academic research activities, which come under the following eight programs (specialized areas):

Programs (Research Fields)

◆Global Governance and Regional Strategy (GR)

◆Human Security and Communications (HC)

Policy Making and Social Innovation (PS)

Cognition, Sense-Making, and Biophysical Skills (CB)

Environmental Design and Governance (EG)

X-Design (XD)

Cyber-Informatics (CI)

System Biology (BI)

None of these programs has a fixed framework, and there is flexible collaboration among them. The programs are regularly adapted to the ever-changing roles of society and technology. In particular, the newly founded International Program for Environmental Innovators features a wide degree of cross-disciplinary collaboration between the EG program and the HC, PS, and CI programs.