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Wanglin YAN

Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

yan (@)

Office Hours
Spring semester: Friday 14:00-17:30 (E509)

Current research themes
Spatial analysis of the effects of public policy and social business toward local-carbon society
Spatial and temporal simulation of the dynamical process toward low-carbon cities
Vulnerability assessment of ecological environment in Asian and African countries
Adaptation strategies and methods for development of urban and rural areas in Asian and African countries

Activities in Asia and Africa
My Research work includes examining the degradation and conservation of the grasslands on the Tibetan Plateau and Mongolian Plateau over several years in China. I have also contributed to the design of the reconstruction plan of the city after Sichuan Earthquakes in China and support students who came from Asian and African countries and who are committed to research about their home countries in terms of sustainable development.

Conceptual Framework (EG1), Advanced Research (EG2), Project: Geo-informatics of the Environment and Development

Q & A

What fields of study do you supervise?
Supporting the planning of climate change mitigation and adaptation policies by using Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS).
What are you expecting from prospective students?
I am expecting students to join the school to have global ambitions, a flexible mind, and tenacious spirit.
What inspired you to begin research in your field?
I began my career with studying Geographic Informatics and slowly transferred my work in the fields of Civil Engineering, and Urban and Regional Planning. Collaborations with researchers from diverse disciplines is particularly enjoyable as it always bring me new knowledge and inspires new directions in my own work.
What kind of impact does your research have?
Through publications and government consulting committees, we contribute ideas and knowledge to promote the new direction of our societies.
Message for prospective Environmental Innovators.
Climate Change offers both a challenge and an opportunity. Be sure to use it as the latter.

Publication in the past five years


  • Wanglin YAN, 2007, Mapping the Structure of Urban Canopy Layers with GIS and Remotely Sensed TIR Images, 10th International Conference on Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management, CD-ROM.
  • Miyasaka T. and Wanglin YAN, 2006, Characterizing villages in northeast China based on relationships between desertification, and local natural and social-economic conditions, Journal of Environmental Information Science Vol.35(5).
  • MIYAZAKI Hiroyuki and Wanglin YAN, 2006, Estimation of the Grazing Pressure with Geographical Heterogeneity in Pasture of Plateau Region -A Case Study in Maduo Xian, Qinghai Province-, Environmental Information Science/Extra, Vol.20, pp.367-372.
  • YAN Wanglin, 2006, Extraction of thermal features using satellite sensed images and discussion of brightness temperature characteristics, Journal of Geography, Vol.115(4),448-465.


  • KOJIMA Tomoyuki and Wanglin YAN, 2006, Environmental Issues and International collabration Frameworks in East Asia, in Policy Innovation Initiatives edited by M. Oe, M. Okabe and M. Umegaki, Keio University Press.