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Associate Professor, Faculty of Policy Management

maunz (@)

Office Hours
Spring semester: Thursday 13:00-14:40(ε502)

Current Research Theme
My research focuses on tourism and traffic related issues, especially focusing on their economic aspects such as regional revitalization as well as political aspects such as basic plan development.
Recently, I have begun a new study that looks at people’s mobility in relation to medication, health, safety and security.

Activities in Asia and Africa
Urban traffic measures for mega cities in East Asia, and international traffic measures for East Asia
Fieldworks in Asia/Africa regions (Korea, Thai, etc.)

Concept Development (EG2), Project: Environment and Business Innovation

Q & A

What fields of study do you supervise?
Fieldworks, statistical analysis, mobility studies on traffic and tourism, urban design, etc.
What type of students do you expect?
Students who put a great emphasis on practice in the field, students with mathematical comprehension, and students with good communication skills
What inspired you to begin research in your field?
Simple delight in the topic inspired me to look into it further.
What kind of social contribution do you make through your research?
I assist in the policy development of local authorities and ministries.
Any messages for prospective Environmental Innovators?
I hope you will make every effort to promote and continue the tradition begun by the school’s founder Yukichi Fukuzawa

Publication in the past five years


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  • “A Study on Tourist Navigation with the Use of Application Service Provider of Location Positioning System - Demonstration Experiments in Kamakura -” | Proceedings of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies | Vol. 5, pp. 1233 – 1248 | 2005 (Author)


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  • “Future of Suburban Traffic” | Nikken Business Publications, Inc. | 2006 (Joint Authorship)