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Kazunori TANJI

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

ktanji (@)

Office Hours
Spring semester: Tuesday 13:00-18:00(epsilon 505)

Current Research Theme
Macro-Economic Analysis about trade-off between food and water security in East Asia under promotion policies of bio-fuel with input output table and CGE model
Co-benefit strategy to balance satisfy low-carbon island with agricultural promotion in social-experimental area of bio-fuel policy
Economic Impact Assessment to Climate Change in Mege-Delta region of East Asia

Activities in Asia and Africa
Impact assessment to water resources and food production capacity in East Asia under promotion policies of bio-fuel (2007年-)
Estimation of nitrogen and phosphorus inputs from the Changjiang river watershed into the East China Sea (2006年-)

Conceptual Framework (EG1), Project: Global Environmental System, Policy Management (Human Security and International Development), Excercise on Designing Low-Carbon Society 2

Q & A

What fields of study do you supervise?
Water resource, food supply issues under Climate Change, Biomass Energy
What type of students do you expect?
Students who can make continual efforts even if it takes some time to get to their goals.
What inspired you to begin research in your field?
In 1993, on account of extreme weather (cold summer), I believed that food supply systems were vulnerable and it was necessary to consider environmental risk management.
What kind of social contribution do you make through your research?
Any messages for prospective Environmental Innovators?
Through friendly competition we should look to the environmental issues 10 years into our future as well as those that are visible and before us today.

Publication in the past five years


  • Kazunori Tanji, Masataka Watanabe, Shi Minjun, Nobuhiro Okamoto, The economic and environmental impact of investment to water treatment technology with interregional Input Output analysis in China, 17th International Input-output Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil, July 13-17, 2009
  • Tomohiro Okadera, Kazunori Tanji, Masataka Watanabe, Multi-Scale Inventory of Water Demand and Water Pollutant Discharge Conducted by Integrating an Inter-regional Input-Output Analysis Model with GIS for Management of the Tokyo Bay Basin Area, 12th International Conference on Integrated Diffuse Pollution Management, 2008
  • Nakayama, T., Watanabe, K., Tanji, K., and Morioka, T. Effect of underground urban structure on coastal environment in Tokyo Bay, Japan., Volume 373, Issue 1, 1 February 2007, Pages 270-288
  • Emma Payawan Abasolo, Kazunori Tanji, Osamu Saito,Takanori Matsui,Tohru Morioka MEASURING THE CONTRIBUTION OF ECOSYSTEM SERVICES TO URBAN QUALITY OF LIFE Environmental system research, 2006.
  • Syoko, K., Kazunori,T., Osamu, S., Tohru M., 2006, Rural future scenario analysis based on a sound urban-rural relationship at a river basin scale, Environmental System Research,Vol.34, pp.545-551
  • Keisuke S., Kazunori, T., Tohru M., Osamu, S., 2005, Planning and assessing habitat conservation policies for ecological sound river basin based on scenario approach, Papers on Environmental Information Science, Vol.19, 187-192


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