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Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

tomohiro (@)

Office Hours
Spring semester: Friday 11:00-12:30(epsilon 410)

Current Research Theme
biodiversity conservation
ecological network planning
landscape changes in suburban and rural areas

Activities in Asia and Africa
Fieldwork in Bali Island, Indonesia from 2001 to 2007
Fieldwork in Jakarta, Indonesia from 2010

Advanced Research (EG2), Practice for Local Community Creation, Ecological and Environmental Fieldwork, Project: Environmental and Business Innovation, Landscape Ecology, Total Design of Private and Public Profits

Q & A

What fields of study do you supervise?
Fieldwork methods for biodiversity conservation
What type of students do you expect?
Students with guts
What inspired you to begin research in your field?
I wanted to conserve biodiversity in the suburban areas of Tokyo Metropolitan City.
What kind of social contribution do you make through your research?
I am on a member of some committee of national and local government.
Any messages for prospective Environmental Innovators?
Please join us. You have to change the future.

Publication in the past five years


  • Doko T., Fukui, H., Kooiman, A., Toxopeus, A. G., Ichinose, T. and Chen, W. (2011), Quantitative needs assessment of Asiatic black bear for creating the ecological networks in Fuji-Tanzawa region, Japan. Ecological Modelling 222,748−761.
  • Sasaki, K., Ichinose, T. and Imoto, I. (2010) Environmental Factors Affecting the Pteridophyte Species Composition in Small Coniferous Plantations in Urban Areas. Journal of Landscape Architecture in Asia 5, 33-38.
  • Ichinose, T. (2007) Restoration and conservation of aquatic habitats in agricultural landscapes of Japan. Global Environmental Research 11, 153-160.
  • Ichinose, T., Asmiwyati, I G. A. A. R., Kataoka, M. and Arifin, N. H. S. (2007) Land use change and irrigation system in the agricultural landscape of terraced paddy field in Awaji Island, central Japan. Landscape and Ecological Engineering 3, 171-178.
  • Ichinose, T., Shen, Y., Ye, K. and Kinoshita, T. (2007) Comparison of nature restoration projects in urban areas of Japan, China, and Korea. Journal of Landscape Architecture in Asia 3, 186-190.
  • Ichinose, T. and Kataoka, M. (2006) Relationship between waterbird distribution and environmental factors in irrigation ponds on southern Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture, central Japan. Journal of Landscape Architecture in Asia 2, 115-120.


  • Ichinose, T., Yokokawa, A., Asmiwyati, I G. A. A. R., Arifin, N. H. S. and Kataoka, M. (2006) Relationships between bird distribution and land use in an agricultural landscape, Bali, Indonesia. 294-302. In "Conservation biology in Asia", McNeely, J. A., McCarthy, T. M., Smith, A., Olsvig-Whittaker, L. and Wikramanayake, E. D. (eds.), Society for Conservation Biology Asia Section and Resources Himalaya Foundation, Kathmandu.