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EI Seminar


The structure of a university does not normally bring students from other fields together, even if we do all share the same goals. As a way to bring them a bit closer to each other we started the EI seminar.

Open to every field, the seminar is founded on diversity. Students have joined us with backgrounds in ecology, architecture, urban planning, energy research, and policy, and we expect the list to grow. Our goal is to encourage the eclectic group of students to think about how their disciplines can be combined to tackle climate change and resiliency building. Although we are certain that collaboration is central to problem solving in the modern world it is difficult to execute in reality. Our hope is that over time the seminar will become a model for our graduates and eventually for everyone interested in taking on the most difficult problems of our time.

Students will meet officially once a month to present their work and are asked to work together on projects that are outside their field and often outside of their experience. The seminar is in itself an experiment that the students are building together and will change its form as we move forward.