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2014 EI Seminar #1

We began the first EI Seminar with an ice-breaker exercise, asking the students to build a tower from 20 spaghettis, 6 marshmallows, 1m of tape, and 1m of string within the 20 minuite time limit.

Students majoring in architecture, city planning, ecology, forestry, and policy studies have put their best knowledge to build a tower as high as possible. After the activity, we've watched the TED Talk by Tom Wujec who is using this task for team building, and discussed about how to collaborate with people with different fields.



Applying for the Summer Internship 2014

Those who wish to apply for the Summer Internship 2014 must submit the application form1 to the CDP office at Alpha building 1F (next to the academic affairs office) during the submission period.

  • May 26 to 30: submit "FORM1 Preference of org."


Photo of the Internship guidance


EI Course Guidance

We've held an EI Course Guidance where we talked about Internship and Fieldwork support that is unique to the EI course.
Those who wish to join the EI course should submit the application form (can download from the link below) to the Academic Affairs Office, 1st floor of the Alpha building by 15:00, April 10th.

Handouts (includes the application form)

Reference: "Examples of Organizations for EI course internship"



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