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2013 EI Seminar #4

In our fourth EI seminar, CAs have firstly introduced their group partners research, and presented their idea of how they can join that research considering their own major. It seems that everyone noticed the difficulties of working with people from other fields. We will introduce an example of collaboration between scientists and designers, and discuss about that in the next seminar.



EI faculties' projects in "Shinkenchiku"

EI faculty, prof. Hiroto Kobayashi's "Myanmar Ma Naw Hery Veneer House"(in Japanese) has been issued in the architecture magazine "Shinkenchiku"(in Japanese).


Applying for the Spring Internship 2014

Those who want to apply for the Spring Internship 2014 must submit the application form1 to the CDP office at Alpha building 1F (next to the academic affairs office) during the submission period

  • November 11 to 15: submit "FORM1 Preference of org."


Photo of the Internship guidance

Reference: "Examples of Organizations for EI course Internship" [updated on November 8th 2013]


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