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2014 EI Seminar #6

On our 6th EI Seminar, Dr. Galloway, one of our EI faculties, made a lecture about design thinking regarding last seminar's content. On the later half, student's were divided into two groups, and did a mini workshop (try to find a similar activity of what you want to investigate) that was introduced in the last seminar.



2014 EI Seminar #5

On our 5th EI Seminar, we had a chance to recieve a lecture from Kaoru Tanaka (IDEO Tokyo), where he talked about design thinking and the means to work with people from different fields. For the rest of the Seminar, students will pair with other student from different field and make a research plan for that student using their perspective. It seems that today's Seminar was useful in making the framework for this exercise.



Ecological and Environmental Fieldwork 2014

This years "Ecological and Environmental Fieldwork" will be from September 8th to 11th at Fujiyoshida city, Yamanashi prefecture. There will be an orientation on June 11th at SFC. Please see the following website for further information.

"Ecological and Environmental Fieldwork 2014"

"Environmental Fieldwork 2012"
"Environmental Fieldwork 2011" Report


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