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2014 EI Seminar #4

On our fourth EI Seminar, Dr. Miyasaka presented his own work which applied the Human-Environment systems (HES) framwork. Everyone seemed to have noticed the usefulness of this framework after learning a concrete example of a research applying this framework.



2014 EI Seminar #3

Everyone presented the result of their analysis capturing their research using the Human-environmental systems (HES) framework in the third EI Seminar. It seems that everybody got a new insight by looking into their research from a different perspective.



2014 EI Seminar #2

On our second EI Seminar, one of our EI faculty, Dr. Miyasaka made and introduction to Human-environment systems (HES) framework. The students then coupled with the same partner as the "Marshmallow Challenge" and discussed how thier own research can be captured using the HES framework. They will present their conclusion in the next EI Seminar.



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